Rotterdam Airport will not close

Rotterdam Airport will not close

Rotterdam Airport will not close

Rotterdam Airport will definitely stay open. The airport will not make way for a housing estate. Last week, 34 out of 45 councillors on the Rotterdam City Council voted to keep Rotterdam Airport open. In our view, a victory for Rotterdam and the Netherlands. An earlier survey showed that only 10 per cent of the surrounding area wants Rotterdam Airport to close.

Possible expansion in 2025

That Rotterdam Airport would stay open was already somewhat expected. There were no plans nationwide to close the airport and Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management is also a supporter of keeping it open. A decision will even be made next year on whether Rotterdam Airport will be allowed to expand in 2025. There is little room for growth at the moment, but there are possibilities.

Full recovery

Rotterdam Airport has now fully recovered from the effects of the corona crisis. Last year, Rotterdam Airport received 2.1 million passengers. This was the same as in the record year 2019. The airport is the first Dutch airport to have fully recovered and is doing well. There is a lot of enthusiasm from the immediate area but also from the rest of the Netherlands to fly via Rotterdam. A possible consequence of the crowds and chaos at Schiphol last year.

(c) Photo: VliegtuigRadar24

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