What is the most dangerous moment of a flight?

What is the most dangerous moment of a flight?

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What is the most dangerous moment of a flight?

Let’s start by saying that flying is very safe and very few accidents happen. Nevertheless, a dangerous situation can arise and there are certain parts of a flight where you are most at risk of unsafe situations. The type of aircraft, weather conditions and route also play a role, of course, but generally speaking, the most dangerous moments of a flight are take-off and landing.


Taking off an aircraft requires precise coordination of several systems, such as accelerating to the right speed, generating enough lift to get off the ground and avoiding obstacles near the airport.


Landing is another critical phase of a flight. The aircraft must arrive on the runway at the correct speed and angle, while the pilot maintains control over altitude and trajectory. Poor weather conditions, such as strong winds or poor visibility, can add to the challenges.

Beyond taking off and landing an aircraft, you have to deal with weather conditions and technical issues. Bad weather is often avoided by the pilot. An aircraft can fly just fine through bad weather and turbulence is not dangerous.

Photo: Taking off from a plane

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