Flights from Antwerp Airport increase

Flights from Antwerp Airport increase

Flights from Antwerp Airport increase

In the second quarter of 2021, Antwerp Airport operated more flights than previously expected. The number of tourists and business travellers has increased significantly over the past period. Top man Eric Dumas says he is happy with this development and that passengers have clearly found their way back to Antwerp Airport.

Spanish destinations

Spanish destinations are especially popular from Antwerp Airport. At this moment, 5 Spanish holiday destinations are served. Since last month, there are also flights to Split (Croatia) and Avignon (France). In total 32,352 passengers flew via Antwerp Airport in the second quarter of this year. Antwerp Airport is currently in talks with several parties to also offer flights to London again.

Business flights

Business flights from Antwerp Airport are also increasing steadily. The number of flights with business jets has even reached the 2019 level. The various flight schools active at Antwerp Airport have also resumed their activities. These are positive developments for the further recovery of Antwerp Airport.

(c) Photo: Antwerp Airport

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