The Airbus ZEROe available in 2035

The Airbus ZEROe available in 2035

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The Airbus ZEROe available in 2035

The Airbus ZEROe is the Airbus hydrogen powered aircraft which should be available for commercial flights in 2035. According to Airbus, the debate on aviation and environmental pollution will be over by then. We will then be flying entirely on hydrogen, according to Airbus. The image above is one of the three hydrogen models presented by Airbus. Airbus sees hydrogen as the energy source of the future.

90% less emissions

By using hydrogen in aviation, emissions can be reduced by 75% to 90%. Airbus relies entirely on hydrogen. This involves converting hydrogen into electricity in an energy cell (by adding oxygen). Another option is that the hydrogen disappears directly into an internal combustion engine. In both cases the waste products are water and heat.

ZEROe models

Airbus gives hydrogen-powered aircraft the ZEROe label. In addition to the plane shown in the picture above (the ‘blended wing’), another model with a more traditional-looking shape (the ‘turbofan’) will be available for 200 passengers with a range of 3700 kilometres. There will also be a smaller model with propellers for a maximum of 100 passengers with a range of 1850 kilometres.

(c) Photo: Airbus – ZEROe on hydrogen

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