Taxation of aviation fuel

Taxation of aviation fuel

Taxation of aviation fuel

The fight against climate change also affects aviation. The European Commission proposes a revision of the European rules on energy taxation. One of the points it makes is that paraffin (aviation fuel) must be taxed.

Minimum tax rate

According to the commission, EU member states must pay a minimum tax rate on paraffin from 2023. It is not yet known how much tax the committee wants to introduce. It is known that from 2023 a transition period of 10 years will apply. The reason for taxing paraffin is that aviation must contribute to achieving the climate targets. The committee cannot comment on further details at this time.

Climate neutral

The goal of the European Union is to be climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this, measures such as these are desperately needed. Many existing climate rules will be adjusted in the coming years, including the rules for energy taxation. The total package will be announced at the end of this month.

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