Ryanair cancels order with Boeing

Ryanair cancels order with Boeing

Ryanair cancels order with Boeing

Ryanair is very dissatisfied with the negotiations with Boeing. The negotiations about the purchase of the Boeing 737 MAX 10 have been cancelled by Ryanair. Both parties cannot agree on the price for the purchase of these aircraft. Director Michael O’Leary is very disappointed with Boeing.

Michael O’Leary

The disappointment is great with Michael O’Leary. Ryanair has a long history with Boeing and is a big customer of Boeing. Ryanair gets a discount if many planes are ordered at once, but Ryanair does not agree with Boeing’s proposal at this point. Ryanair currently has an order with Boeing for the purchase of 210 aircraft of the type 737 MAX 8-200.


Ryanair is looking at other possibilities. Perhaps Ryanair will place an order with Airbus in the future. Jet2 and Delta Airlines preceded Ryanair. They were previously loyal customers of Boeing but have recently switched to Airbus. Michael O’Leary indicated that the negotiations with Boeing were definitely over. The fact that he is seeking publicity could also be a stunt to still reach a deal with Boeing.

Photo: Ryanair

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