Brussels Airport starts with flights from Sun-Air

Brussels Airport starts with flights from Sun-Air

It’s not only the negative news that dominates the newspapers during the COVID-19 crisis. This week Brussels Airport announced the arrival of a new airline, named Sun-Air of Scandinavia. Air traffic is currently largely at a standstill, but Sun-Air will start a scheduled service between Brussels Airport and Billund (Denmark) in September. Sun-Air flies in the colors of British Airways (see photo).

10 flights per week

Sun-Air will start on September 7th with 10 flights per week. A Dornier 328Jet will fly between Brussels and Billund. This is a twin-engine jet aircraft that can carry 32 passengers. The flights take place under a British Airways flight number. Brussels Airport is pleased with the scheduled service from Sun-Air. This will keep Brussels connected with the Danish city of Billund.

(c) Photo: Sun-Air – Dornier 328Jet

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