Brussels Airlines focuses on flights to Africa

Brussels Airlines focuses on flights to Africa

Brussels Airlines focuses on flights to Africa

Africa remains an important market for Brussels Airlines. CEO Dieter Vranckx indicates that Africa has become a focus point during this crisis. During the first wave, the entire fleet of Brussels Airlines remained on the ground. During the second wave Brussels Airlines continues to fly with a moderate fleet. According to Vranckx it will be difficult until the summer period of 2021. At the moment, the most important part of the capacity consists of flights to Africa.

Africa is stable

Unlike the rest of the world, Africa is fairly stable in this crisis. Brussels Airlines is the Africa specialist within the Lufthansa Group. For the next 6 months Africa will be the most important continent for Brussels Airlines. The big advantage is that Africa is stable compared to the rest of the world. Growth is also stable in better and worse times.


Vranckx has confidence in the African market. The employees of Brussels Airlines have years of experience in this market. He refers to the Sabena era. All African countries to which Brussels Airlines flies are now open again. This enables Brussels Airlines to respond to the growing market demand. However, it mainly concerns essential travel, tourist travel is not yet recommended. At the moment Brussels Airlines only focuses on Africa when it comes to long-haul travel. The scheduled service to New York will be flown again in February.

(c) Photo: Brussels Airlines – Airbus A330

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