General information Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands in terms of passengers (after Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). Around 6.5 million passengers arrive yearly at Eindhoven Airport, which is located nine kilometres outside the city itself. The airport offers international flights at competitive prices. Cheap airline tickets from Ryanair and Transavia is what passengers are looking for at Eindhoven Airport. The airport offers a modest number of destinations with low cost airlines. In addition, additional matters such as check-in, clarity of arrival times and parking are well arranged.

Airlines and destinations

Airlines that fly from Eindhoven Airport vary per season. When arriving at Eindhoven Airport, Ryanair will stand out in particular. In the high season TUIfly, Corendon, Thomas Cook and Onur Air have a number of flights. Ryanair, Transavia and Wizz Air offer flights all year around. Wizz Air offers mainly flights to Eastern Europe, where Ryanair and Transavia mainly fly to sunny destinations in Southern Europe. These include Milan, Barcelona and Istanbul. In high season, Ryanair and Transavia also offer a number of extra destinations such as flights to the Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Most airlines operating at Eindhoven Airport or low cost airlines. Price-fighters who try to offer the cheapest airline tickets at competitive prices. This means you can fly cheap but there are often extra costs for service. This varies per airline. Luggage is often extra charged. Read up on these extra costs to make sure that a cheap airline ticket does not become an expensive ticket afterwards.

Eindhoven Airport

Also known as: Eindhoven Airport
Adress: Luchthavenweg 25, 5657 EA Eindhoven, Netherlands
Passengers: 6.7 million (2019)


Eindhoven Airport is easy to reach by car via the A2 motorway. Compared to other airports, parking is not expensive. It is also possible to reach the airport by public transport. The disadvantage of travelling by public transport is that it is difficult to carry a lot of luggage. However, the advantage is that you do save on parking costs.

Eindhoven Airport Parking

Eindhoven Airport offers four parking spaces at different prices. The cheapest car parks are the furthest away from the terminal. With a reasonable pace you can walk to the airport within 6 minutes. Prices start at 4 euros per day for these cheaper parking facilities. The two other parking lots are a lot closer to the terminal, but they cost a lot more. Especially the parking lot directly in front of the terminal can cost a lot. In spring 2019, a full week’s parking at the cheapest car park will cost 28 euros. For the middle segment you paid 50 to 75 euros for seven days. For 150 euros you could park directly at the terminal for seven days.

If you carry a lot of luggage with you or travelers who are badly on foot and still want to park cheaply, it is possible to drop off your luggage at the terminal on arrival before looking for a parking space.


Eindhoven Airport has a number of major advantages. The service is good and the airport is relatively small. This gives a good overview of the airport upon arrival. Also the arrival times are clear. The flight tickets are cheap and it is easy to reach. The parking possibilities are diverse and it is possible to park for a long period of time for little money. The disadvantage, however, is that the range of destinations is limited.

Car rental

You arrive at Eindhoven Airport, you need a car rental: 


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Book a taxi

Book a taxi at Eindhoven Airport. It is about 9 km (15 min.) to the city centre of Eindhoven. A normal price for a taxi is around 25 euro.