General information Toulon-Hyères Airport

Toulon-Hyères Airport is an airport on the south coast of France, 3 kilometers southeast of the city of Hyères. Toulon-Hyères Airport is a small airport that is mainly busy during the high season. During this period, several airlines fly to different destinations throughout Europe. The airport is, among other things, a short distance from the famous seaside resort of Saint-Tropez. There are travellers from all over Europe who travel via Toulon-Hyères Airport to travel to this seaside resort immediately after landing.

Airlines and destinations

Exactly which airlines fly to and from Toulon-Hyères Airport depends on the period. In the high season there are many more airlines flying to this destination. Transavia and TUIFly Belgium, among others, fly to Toulon-Hyères Airport several times a week during the summer. Other airlines at this airport are Scandinavian Air and Swiss. From Toulon-Hyères Airport you can also book year-round domestic flights to major French cities such as Paris, Lille and Nantes.

The number of destinations from Toulon-Hyères Airport is modest all year round, except during the summer period. Then the flights come and go and there is always a lot of traffic at the airport. From Toulon-Hyères Airport you can fly to many European destinations. Think of Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels and several cities in France.

Native name: Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères
Also known as: Toulon Airport, Hyères Le Palyvestre Airport
Adress: Boulevard de la Marine, 83400 Hyères, France
Passengers: 0.51m (2019)


Toulon-Hyères Airport has an excellent location on the Mediterranean Sea; about half an hour’s drive from the city of Toulon via the D559 and the D197. Another good way to get to the city is by public transport. The bus runs six times a day to and from Toulon; in summer this number is increased. Many people also use Toulon-Hyères Airport to travel from here to Saint-Tropez. From the airport you can take the bus to the seaside resort for €3 per person; this ride takes one and a half hours.

Toulon-Hyères Airport Parking

Parking at Toulon-Hyères Airport? You can choose between two parking options: for short and long stays. P1 is for short stay parking; here you pay €3.50 per hour and €16 per day. Long stay parking is available in P2 and this is only possible if you make a reservation in advance. For an hour in P2 you pay €10. It is therefore advisable not to book this parking space when you stay a few hours. Then you better use P1. P2 is cheaper if you want to park your car for more than one day. For a day you pay €10 and for a week €68. Both P1 and P2 are within walking distance of the terminal.


Toulon-Hyères Airport is especially convenient to use when you are going to spend your holidays in Saint-Tropez. The airport is also largely equipped for that purpose; you can notice that by the bus transfers that bring you cheaply to Saint-Tropez. Toulon-Hyères Airport is the nearest airport to this seaside resort. Furthermore, Toulon-Hyères Airport is a small airport with few special facilities. The airport is only very busy in the summer, for the rest it is almost always quiet here. The limited number of destinations from Toulon-Hyères Airport is also a disadvantage.

Car rental

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Book a taxi

Book a taxi at Toulon-Hyères Airport. It is about 23 km (30 min.) to the city centre of Toulon. A normal price for a taxi is around € 60.