General information Figari South Corsica Airport

Figari South Corsica Airport is a quiet airport in the south of the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. The airport is the third largest on the island and is located in the municipality of Figari, about 3 kilometers northwest of the city of Figari. Every year more than 500,000 passengers use this airport. You can fly to this airport with cheap airline tickets from RyanAir or EasyJet to start your holiday on the island.

Airlines and destinations

Most flights of airlines flying to and from Figari South Corsica Airport are seasonal. In general, flights to and from large cities are mainly operated by Air Corsica and Air France. Flights go to London, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice and Strasbourg. In high season you will also find many aircraft of British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air and Volotea. In high season you can also find several flights from low-cost airlines, such as RyanAir and EasyJet.

Most flights to and from Figari South Corsica Airport fly domestically; the largest French cities are therefore easily accessible. You can also book a flight to Figari South Corsica Airport from London and Brussels. The advantage of the low-cost airlines that fly here is that you can use cheap flights. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t unexpectedly pay extra costs for e.g. luggage. A number of low-cost airlines are known to charge high extra costs, which means that the flight is not much cheaper in the end.

Native name: Aéroport Figari-Sud Corse
Also known as: Figari Sud Corse Airport
Adress: 20114 Figari, France
Passengers: 0.75m (2019)


Figari South Corsica Airport is located southwest of Porto-Vecchio and north of Bonifacio. South of the airport lies the T40; the highway that can take you to and from Figari South Corsica Airport. It takes about half an hour to drive from the airport to the centre of Porto-Vecchio. The same goes for a drive to the city of Bonifacio. You can also travel by public transport: two to four times a day a bus leaves for Porto-Vecchio. There is no bus connection to Bonifacio.

Figari South Corsica Airport Parking

There are excellent parking facilities at Figari South Corsica Airport. Both P1 and P2 are a short distance from the terminal. At both parking spaces you pay €3,50 per hour and €11 per day: after the first day you pay €9 per day. The difference between the two parking spaces is that at P2 you can park for free for half an hour. This is useful when you have to pick someone up or take them away. You cannot reserve a parking space at Figari South Corsica Airport in advance.


Figari South Corsica Airport is a small airport in the south of Corsica. You don’t have to expect a lot when it comes to facilities and possibilities. The airport is not crowded and if you want to travel as quietly as possible, this airport is definitely recommended. The parking costs are low and besides that you can quickly get to Porto Vecchio or Bonifacio. A disadvantage is that from Figari South Corsica Airport you can’t take the bus to Bonifacio. Also, the limited number of destinations is a disadvantage.

Car rental

You arrive at Figari South Corsica Airport, you need a car rental: 


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Book a taxi

Book a taxi at Figari South Corsica Airport. It is about 23 km (30 min.) to the city centre of Porto-Vecchio. A normal price for a taxi is around € 60.