General information Faro Airport

Faro Airport is located on the South Coast of Portugal, the Algarve. The airport is therefore also known as Algarve Airport. Faro Airport is located four kilometres west of the city of Faro. The airport was opened for passenger transport in the sixties and now the number of passengers has grown to approximately nine million. Especially during the summer months this airport is used by many travellers. The airport has been rebuilt and expanded a number of times. A new terminal was built in 1989 and capacity was increased in 2001. In the years 2009 to 2013 Faro Airport underwent a series of upgrades to improve its infrastructure.

Airlines and destinations

Dozens of flights depart daily from Faro Airport. There are flights to as many as 75 destinations in 16 countries in Europe. Faro is a popular destination during the summer months. Tourists from all over Europe fly to Faro to visit the Algarve. There are domestic flights to Lisbon and Oporto, operated by the Portuguese national airline TAP. A total of 26 different airlines fly from this airport. Most flights are operated by low-cost airlines. Ryanair is the airline with the most flights to and from Faro. EasyJet also has many destinations from this airport. Scheduled services include British Airways and SAS.

There are remarkably many aircraft flying to destinations in the United Kingdom from Faro Airport. Manchester, the various airports of London, Birmingham and Bristol are among the most popular destinations. There are also many flights to Dublin, Eindhoven and Frankfurt. During the winter season there is one intercontinental flight from Faro. This goes to Toronto in Canada. The flight is operated by Air Transat.

Native name: Aeroporto Internacional de Faro
Also known as: Algarve Airport
Adress: 8001-701 Faro, Portugal
Passengers: 9.01m (2019)


There are several roads leading to Faro Airport. From the north/west take the IC4 and at the intersection with the N125-10 continue towards the airport. If you come from the east, take the N125, the ring road around Faro and follow the direction Montenegro/Parfois. There are several bus rides from Faro to the airport and back with bus lines 14 and 16. From the centre of Faro you can travel all over Portugal by bus or train.

Faro Airport Parking

There are several car parks around Faro Airport. There are low cost car parks where you only pay 5 euro per day. But there are also car parks that are made for convenience and where you park very close to the departure hall. The LowCost Parking costs 6 euros for a day ticket and for a week’s parking the price is 5 euros per day. The prices of the other car parks vary from 7 to 12.60 per day if you buy your ticket online. At the ticket office you pay a maximum of 18 euros per day.

Do you only have to drop someone off or pick them up at the airport? Then kiss & fly parking is the best option. You can park here free of charge for up to ten minutes. You stop directly in front of the departure hall. These spaces are not meant for real parking. If you do need more time, you will have to use the other car parks. You pay about one euro per quarter of an hour.


Faro Airport is very close to the city and the tourist resorts of the Algarve. Many destinations are offered from this airport. The airport is easily accessible by public transport. The only disadvantage is that the road from the airport to the centre of Faro can sometimes be very busy.

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Book a taxi at Faro Airport. It is about 45 km (35 min.) to the city centre of Aberdeen. A normal price for a taxi is around € 55.